I’m Jessica.


A twenty-something food obsessed college student who often struggles with the battle between wanting to eat everything in sight and the desire to stay thin.

I’m a student at Oklahoma State University double majoring in Marketing and Management. Most days you can find me in class with my head ducked behind my computer hopping from food blog to food blog and searching new and innovative recipes on Pinterest. And if my parents are reading this, that last sentence is obviously a joke….

Although I am a major foodie, I am also passionate about fitness and health. My drive to stay fit has been a blessing which allows me to inhale more chocolate/cheese/anything sweet etc. than I could if I stayed sedentary.

If my friends had to describe me in one word it would most likely be…weird. Most people classify the word weird as having a negative connotation, but I like to think quite the opposite. I’d rather be weird and goofy than normal and boring.

Weird but fabulous.

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking this journey with me!


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